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Do some people see colour better than others?

I recently read this great article in Creative Review regarding an area in which I am keen to improve. I will definitely be investing in the books listed in here. 

Even for the seasoned designer, colour can be a tricky visual language to master. So how best to start embracing its spectrum of possibilities? Read the full article here: Creative Review

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Colour & Shadow

In 1961, Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert turned to colour photography while he was living in Paris – it was this, combined with his images of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and America during the 70s, that garnered attention from the industry.

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Forest of Numbers

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the national art center of tokyo opening its doors, architect emmanuelle moureaux has created a large scale paper installation – ‘forest of numbers’ – to welcome guests into the exhibition room. The installation consists of a stream of 60,000 brightly colored numerals is suspended from the ceiling, representing the institution’s next decade.

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Beauty Below Ground

A couple of years ago, the Canadian-based photographer, Forsyth, started to look at subways differently than most rush-hour commuters; and since then he hasn’t looked back. His mild obsession of seeing underground structures and vehicles as a kind of beauty developed into a photo series of metro stations all over the world.

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