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Brighton Whitehawk FC Rebrand

Brighton Whitehawk Football Club Rebrand

Branding, Advertising, Freelance

Project Brief

This project was a freelance re-brand proposition to the chairman of Whitehawk FC, of the The Vanarama National League South.

Being a keen football fan, while browsing the sports news, I had found out that the club was in the process of changing it’s name from Whitehawk FC to something that would be more location specific, such as Brighton City FC. Although this wasn’t hugely popular with the fan-base due to the fact that they thought by changing the name it would create a passive club identity that would be alien from the club they loyally support; leaving the club in a predicament.

This proposition was my initial thinking into possible branding/naming avenues for the club to go down. Satisfying the chairman's ambition but also keeping the fans onside by retaining club's unique character.


I put forward three branding and naming routes, with one being my advised proposed concept to go forward with. Brighton Whitehawk FC was the name proposal (see below for the brand creative). This concept both in keeps with the fans requirement to honour the Whitehawk name and history and the club chairman’s idea to further commercialise the club.

This name was then incorporated into a badge, which was more commercially viable, recognisable, and more striking than the previous offering.

* This project is in development and ongoing


This badge concept uses the clubs passionate fans as a source of inspiration. It is clear that Whitehawk FC have a hugely dedicated fan and volunteer network, this design idea celebrates that by focusing on the community spirit and impassioned link between fans and the club. The linking ‘B’ letterform the aims to visually represent the community spirit between fans and club. Emphasising that ‘Brighton East End’ goes forward together as one

This concept route focuses on the clubs location of Brighton, using unique elements of the area for visual stimulus. The unique shape of the badge represents a coastal sunset horizon, alongside the distinctive typography that was inspired by the Brighton Pier typeface. This route pays homage to the clubs local area and is visually unique to Brighton, setting it apart from other badges in the league. The badge is made up of elements unique to Brighton; the costal horizon shape of the badge taken from its sea-front location, plus the ‘B’ letterform is visually inspired by the infamous Brighton Pier signage. 

This badge concept takes the club’s Whitehawk history and tradition as a starting point for development. Using a hawk as visual inspiration, a simplified more commercially relevant marque has been created. This not only is a more striking and impactful badge, but more instantly recognisable on merchandise and also more ownable to Brighton (now using the name ‘Brighton Whitehawk’).  This design concept uses a simplified visual of the ‘Whitehawk’ using a stylised representation of wings, creating a more striking
and commercially relevant badge.